Mediocre SMP

The server is mainly based on the Origins mod. We use all of the original origins, as well as custom origins, including a few sets of upgraded versions.
You can request for your custom origin to be added, however, we will have to test it out first as we need to make sure it's balanced. You can request for a custom origins to be exclusive to you, but you must make it unchoosable and request for a staff member to manually assign you the origins.
Apart from this exception, origins are not exclusive and groups of origins may be used for lore purposes. You can request for your origin to be combined with a lore based origin.

We heavily encourage our lore. It's based in a land where dragons escaped the end and caused terror upon all Overworld origins, only to be taken down by divine weapons and brought to near extinction.
Dragon hunters exist to seek out the remaining dragons, as well as their fusions (Dragon + Origin). Mages aid the hunters in their attempts, using their magic to slay the beasts.
Some dragons wish to continue their ancestors legacy and take back control over the Overworld, some just wish for peace and to apologise for their ancestors attacks.
The nether creatures mostly don't care for the wars, though respect the dragons more than the overworld beings.

You can also request for small Figura models to be made to fit your skin/character, as well as request for nicknames using Figura.

We don't just use Origins on the server. We use a few mods that don't drastically disrupt the vanilla feel of the server, such as farming, decoration, and better end. We also use an in-game proximity voice chat mod which is very active in game.

Plenty of LGBTQIA+ support/members, as well as PluralKit for systems, genderfluid and genderflux people.

General Information

Version: Java Fabric 1.18.1
IP Address: Available in Discord

Extra Information on Mods


Icarus comes with its own origin, Icarae. It has a debuff that isn't mentioned in the origins selection screen. It has lower health (7 hearts), and, although it already vaguely explains this, there is a height limit to flight (64 blocks above the ground).

Rings of Ascension

The Ring of Flight has been disabled.
The Ring of Undying has a longer cooldown.


These are not the Discord server's rules.

Changing Origins

You can change origins using an Orb of Origins (You can ask for the recippe until we sort out a recipe section), or you can get a single free origin change if you haven't played for long and don't like your origin, or if your origin is causing you problems outside of normal gameplay (For example: Icarus powered flight causing your game/device to lag abnoramlly).

No Griefing/Raiding

Outside of official moderated lore, griefing and raiding of houses/kingdoms/structures is a bannable offence. This includes stealing.
We have the FLAN claiming mod installed so you can claim your builds using a golden hoe. Run /flan menu for help with claim settings.

Don't Take Over the Whole World

I've no clue how you'd do it but it's happened to me before, so don't try.
Don't make massive claims, and don't make big claims near spawn. Build your houses at least 250 blocks from spawn or you will be forced to move.

Replant Trees You Cut Down

We don't want the fruit trees to go extinct, and we don't want a barren landscape. Take care of our planet.

No Gamebreaking Glitches/Hacks

Adding any client-side modifications that give you a large advantage over other players is not allowed. Punishments vary depending on the case, rangning from requesting the modification's removal to an immediate ban.
Don't have large masses of entities (20+) in your base or in areas that people regularly travel as this could cause server-wide lag.

This does not mean you can't add client-side modifications altogether. We have some recommended client-side mods, and mods like Roughly Enough Items, ToroHealth, Appleskin, etc. are perfectly fine.

No Killing Without Permission

Do not kill other players, their pets, their livestock, or any other mob/animal in their posession, without asking them beforehand.
You can arrange fights and battles, as well participate in lore wars, however all parties must agree to the fight.

Lore Origins

Your origins must be connected to the lore or made unchoosable.
If you do not wish to participate in lore, stay away from areas that will be used for lore/are near users that participate in lore. This will prevent your home causing problems for lore, or just protect it from being caught in the crossfire.